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  • Quite simply - the world's most innovative
    temporary structures...
  • Ingeniously designed to require no rigid
    support or rigging...
  • Meaning they're ultra-portable and set up
    in minutes!
  • Any shape, any colour, any lighting or
    interior, branded or unbranded,
    the only limit is your imagination.
  • Perfect 'instant' spatial solutions... from expo
    & activations to large-scale event spaces...
    Inflate is it!

As exclusive agents of Inflate Global, we sell & rent
Inflate structures from bases in Jo'burg, Durban
& Cape Town...

What we offer...

  • A range of 'off-the-shelf' popup structures in all shapes and sizes - deployed in
    under 15 minutes [ VIEW ]
  • An instant event space like the uber-cool CUBE or the awesome 8m high, 370m2 Trident-setup in under 3 hours [ VIEW ]
  • A bespoke structure designed to your specific
    needs [ VIEW ]
  • A full tailor-made design service from our HQ
    in London...
  • We handle all transport logistics for you
    - just tell us when and where...